Goldstar Arcade

Goldstar Arcade is a unique experience space with Newtro concept decorated with OLED TV for the MZ generation who seeks for new experiences and fun, where you can enjoy and feel the emotions of the arcade in your memories through OLED TV.
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  • GUCCI Singing Box

    Designed as a Gucci Gift Giving Retail Event, GUCCI SINGING BOX is a booth based on the global toolkit and applied according to the domestic situation. It is applied with soundproofing, space prevention, and system that records and delivers singing videos to the experienced users.


    Specialized experience base for EV6, Kia’s very first dedicated electric vehicle, was constructed in Time Villas, Uiwang-si.

  • IMID 2021 LG Display

    The exhibition space was built to increase sense of immersion in the product by emphasizing reality like a real house in daily life with different finishing materials housing, and the space was created to communicate the concept of looking at daily life from outside through the frame structure in the front.

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